January 14, 2008

This is my personal website, where I can pursue some of my interests and share some of the ideas and thoughts I have.

For now, the home site won’t have much on it, but perhaps I’ll post updates about my life and what’s currently going on. The content will primarily reside on three blogs, for which you can find the links on the right.

China Segment will be about my life in China. I’ve married a local girl, Rachel, and we currently live in Shanghai. I am originally from Canada, so I suppose this blog is my therapy: a place to rant, to express my constant surprise, and comment on the greatness that China already has, and what there is to come.

Go to Ancient Egypt to find out more about the sites and people of one of the greatest places on earth. It will cover more or less any topic regarding Egypt‘s history, including:

- periods from pre-dynastic times, to the Ptolemaic (Greek) era

- people from Imhotep to Amenhotep

- places from Abu Simbel to Alexandria; and

- events from the unification of Egypt, to the battle of Kadesh.

Feds’ Lounge is just starting, and will be my blog about politics, history and philosophy. Seems wide-ranging… but really the focus will be on the political issues I see as thought provoking as seen through a historical/philosophical context. Feel free to comment on any of the blogs or the photos, but naturally I reserve the right to censor comments deemed inappropriate.

I’ve only just begun to understand web design, so please bear with the poor look of the site or with links that don’t work. I really just want to finally get it started and get pictures posted and blog entries up.

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  1. Yoko /

    Congratulation for your new website.
    Wish it be better. Come on!

  2. Feds / Post Author

    Thanks Yoko,

    Great to hear from you!

  3. NONE /


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